Seattle’s Best Activities: Creative First Date Ideas

Seattle’s Best Activities: Creative First Date Ideas

First dates are intimidating – skip the awkward and have fun with creative Seattle date ideas!

There is nothing quite like the jitters before a first date. It is the first impression, the one that can set you apart from all other dates. It’s the time to put your best foot forward and show just how fun and creative you can be! There are tons of Seattle attractions at your disposal to impress on the first date, from exciting nature and outdoor activities to elegant bars and rooftop sanctuaries. Seattle is teeming with great first date ideas, but we put together a list of the best Seattle date ideas that will knock your date’s socks off.

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Try A Seattle Activity That Knocks It Out Of The Park

You with someone who loves sports? Some of Seattle’s best activities are centered around the great sports teams in the area. Looking for an afternoon of sports without breaking the bank? Purchase tickets for under $10 and head to a Mariners game! It’s the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon – good food, good crowd, but casual enough atmosphere to enjoy a great conversation. With the cheering, mascot tom-foolery and great innings to watch, you will have no problem making the good conversations flow.

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Try A Picnic At Golden Gardens At Golden Hour

Golden Gardens is truly one of the best spots in Seattle to enjoy watching sailboats come and go with a background of a gorgeous sunset. Golden Gardens can get crowded, especially on weekends, but that just leads to interesting people watching and great conversation starters. It is also chock-full of activities to fill the time; jump into a pickup volleyball game, gather around a beach fire or hop on one of the many slacklines that are always set up in the grove of trees. Golden Gardens is one of our great Seattle date ideas because can have tons of activity options at your fingertips. Take your pick of sprawling on a blanket or running around playing beach activities – or a bit of both!

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Head On Down To Chinatown

Try an evening of experiencing amazing food and appreciating the history behind one of Seattle’s best cultural hubs. The International district is home to some of Seattle’s oldest restaurants, some of which opened as early as 1904. Locals consider this Asian food to be unparalleled due to its traditional style and use of fresh food products. These restaurants tend to have a ‘hole in the wall’ atmosphere, so if you are looking for bells and whistles and fancy decorations, this may not be the area for you. But If you are looking for amazing Chinese food and a relaxed local atmosphere, then you’ve come to the right place!

Last The Best… Cycle Saloon Brewery Tours

Cycle Saloon public brewery tours are actually a great place to let loose and get rid of the awkward first date jitters right away. Whether you join a public tour with just your date or plan a group date, it’s bound to be a great way to get everyone laughing and comfortable right away. There is plenty of time to talk at the breweries, but with the party bike fun as a great talking point in between stops. With great Seattle views, awesome Ballard breweries and pubs, and an amazing driver, your date is going to have a fantastic time.

You ready to impress your date with a fun and creative afternoon? Book a party bike public tour today!

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