5 Ballard Bars Perfect For The Next Seattle Bar Crawl

5 Ballard Bars Perfect For The Next Seattle Bar Crawl

A great Seattle bar crawl is good for the soul.

Don’t get us wrong – our Ballard brewery tour is still nearest and dearest to our hearts. But what if your group would rather have some mixers than brews? Or maybe you are just in the mood for some spirits that pack a punch. Sometimes, you need to switch it up and have a good ol’ fashioned Seattle bar crawl. Ballard bars have the perfect vibe for a relaxed but crazy fun night out on the town. Ballard has it all from bars with awesome outdoor views to bars that host trivia to bars that have marshmallow roasting. Get ready to plan the best Seattle bar crawl without having to step a foot out of Ballard!


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Ballard Loft

Recommended Drink: the $5 margs during happy hour!

A traditional sports bar while still being uniquely Ballard. We love how their food isn’t just greasy bar food – there are hummus plates and other options that won’t leave you on the floor moaning. Trivia Tuesdays, the TVs have a high-quality picture perfect for watching games and best of all – they have an epic happy hour for both drinks and food! Mondays 3 pm-close and Tues – Fri 3 – 6 pm – doesn’t get better than that! This bar is definitely a fav for Cycle Saloon tours.


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King’s Hardware

Recommended Drink: A light and refreshing Mr. Marcell

In our experiences, any establishment that serves sweet potato fries deserves to be on our best of list. We are in love with the outdoor seating and the fact that it’s usually pretty simple to find a good table.  Not to mention the Skeeball tourneys on Wednesdays! Featured in magazines like Thrillist and New York Times, it is definitely a stop that won’t disappoint. On top of that, it is right smack dab in the middle of Downtown Ballard – so it doesn’t have to be a one-stop shop!


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Recommended Drink: Do roasted marshmallows count as a drink? No? Alright, the Jalisco is amazing.

If Ryan Gosling were a bar, he would be Shelter. Modern-chic design, huge windows, great outdoor seating and delicious food. Outdoor fires and free marshmallow for roasting definitely balances out the class and gives this place an approachable vibe. Get ready to be handed some gorg drinks with that marshmallow roaster – they don’t mess around when it comes to cocktails. A perfect weekend or weekday hang!


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The Matador

Recommended drink: Also the only drink you should be drinking at Matador – the Tequila!

Matador is such a popular establishment, they had to open up extra locations. We love the food happy hour – can you say $5 supreme nachos and street tacos? But the Matador’s claim to fame is it’s ridiculously long tequila list separated by taste category. If you or someone in your group is a tequila snob definitely make the Matador a stop on your Cycle Saloon tour!


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Percy’s and Co.

Recommended Drink: The custom cocktail option!

Percy’s and Co. is the perfect option for when you want to drink something a little more high-end than well drinks without totally breaking the bank. Percy & Co. has truly whimsical drinks that are created by truly passionate cocktail connoisseurs. These mixologists truly know how to take your taste buds on a magical journey through spices and herbs in their creatively curated drinks, and the apothecary-style design is very bright and welcoming. Want to step your drink game up? Ask the mixologists to make you a custom cocktail based on your spirits and taste preferences!


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