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Brewery tours & pub crawls are a sure fire way to have a great time in Seattle. However, please be mindful of your surroundings and respectful of the establishments while on your route. Here are some common questions we’ve been asked before. If you think of any other questions or have any concerns, just get in touch.

All rides start and end at 4425 Shilshole Ave NW Seattle, Wa 98107. We are just to the right of the 14th ave boat launch and across from the maritime academy.

Attention brewery tour riders: Please make sure your ride has been confirmed before showing up. You will be notified via email with confirmation and further instructions. The tour is not official until at least 8 riders have signed up.

To check Cycle Saloon availability, please go to the Bike Tour Page and click “book now.” All dates and times shown are available for your tour!

No. Riders may bring on any permissible food or non-alcoholic beverages they wish. We’ve got LOTS of space on the inside roof rack.

Drinking while on the bike is not permitted by the Cycle Saloon under any circumstances. Contrary to popular belief, drinking on the bike is the same as drinking in public and carries all the same consequences under the law if your busted for an open container. Each rider takes full responsibility for their actions and conduct while on the Cycle Saloon.

The Cycle Saloon carries 16 passengers, plus the driver. There are 5 pedaling seats on each side, plus one non-pedaling seat over the rear wheels. There is also a bench in the back of the Cycle Saloon that seats three, plus one standing spot in the middle for the “dancer”.

We always provide a driver. Our insurance provider requires it. If you act in a dangerous manner, you’ll be asked to get off and find you own way home.

One person on each tour is the “renter” and that person is the onlyperson the driver answers to. Can you imagine 16 people arguing about when to leave the bar? We don’t want our drivers getting in the middle of that!

Please check out our Ballard Route page to see the list of our favorite brewery partners we can visit on our public brewery tour! Want to try something off the list? No sweat! You can plan your own Ballard bar/brewery/pub stops on a private tour!

We run party tours from 10am to 10pm 7 days a week! IF you want to set up a tour outside those hours, please reach out directly.

The CycleSaloon has been pedaled on the flat with a tailwind with three people pedaling, but it isn’t much fun unless you have 8 or more. For the brewery tour we need at least 8 peddlers, so your ride is not confirmed and credit card not charged until we hit the magic number!

On the flat, the CycleSaloon travels at a maximum speed of approximately five miles per hour.

Little ones. The CycleSaloon was invented in the Netherlands, where it is very flat. Routes with grades greater than 5-6% for any extended distance may require riders to get off and push. None of the hills on our routes have required pushing (thus far….)

YES! Although the summer months are our busiest, we love to take cycle saloon rides any time of the year. Check our website and Facebook page to see off season specials.

The CycleSaloon has a minimum height requirement of 5’3″ and a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds for each person on the bike seats. The back seat is perfect for those who don’t fit within these height and weight limits.

All riders must be at least 21 (unless by special arrangement) and provide valid identification. However, the Brewery tour bike has a few adjustable seats! So, those under 5’3 who like beer can finally have a chance at the pedals!

Please reach out to us on any special arrangements with minors before your tour.


The booze cruise takes you around South Lake Union, allowing you to enjoy the water as well as epic views of Seattle, Gas Works Park, the “Sleepless in Seattle” boathouse and more. To maximize the fun, be sure to read review the following.

All rides start and end at 2301 N Northlake Way Seattle, WA 98103. Meet at the Sunnyside boat launch, our Captain will be there with the pontoon boat ready to guide you on an awesome adventure of South Lake Union.

The Cycle Pontoon cruises last an hour and a half.

We don’t sell or supply food or beverages. You can bring your own. We just ask that you keep it to a reasonable amount (this is a 90 minute cruise, and there are no islands to get stranded on the Lake) and that you leave the glass on shore.

Nope! But, we have one for you if you choose.

We do not permit swimming off the Cycle Pontoon.

Sorry, 21 and over please.

No, unless by special arrangement.

Yes, we have a large cooler for your drinks, but supply your own ice!


While we’ve never had any serious situations arise from any of our rides, there is always a slim chance someone doesn’t follow the guidelines. We ask each rider to sign a waiver to ensure everyone takes responsibilty of their actions. It also is mandatory and keeps the insurance companies happy. 🙂

Riding the CycleSaloon can be a dangerous activity, just like riding any bike. You should have a reasonable expectation that you could possibly fall off and scrape your knee. We offer bike helmets because it’s prudent. You don’t have to wear one, that’s totally up to you. But you do take responsibility if you bump your noggin’.

We have never had a problem or anything close to it. In the 10 years that Zwier and Henk have been running 15 beer bikes around Amsterdam, there was only one fairly significant injury. A woman tried to jump off while the CycleSaloon was moving and broke her ankle.


If for some reason you really need to cancel (we can’t imagine why!), the renter has the choice of receiving a 50% refund or a rain check valid for 3 months, if the cancellation is 30 or more days prior to the tour date. Cancellations less than 30 days will receive a rain check valid for 3 months only. Cancellations less than 14 days. Sorry! No refund or rain check.

The Cycle Saloon operates rain or shine. We live in Washington – we can handle ANY weather! If severe weather does occur, the Cycle Saloon reserves the right to cancel the tour and offer the renter a rain check. There will be no rain checks offered for rides once begun.

There are extra fees for bikes that arrive back to the starting point later than previously agreed upon

Yes, $250 per tour (applies to full bike rental). We reserve the right to charge your credit card following the tour if necessary. Since the CycleSaloon is powered by its passengers, they control the speed at which the tour progresses. For scheduling purposes, however, it is necessary that the tour end within 10 minutes of the scheduled return time. There will be no Damage/Late Deposit charged if the CycleSaloon returns to the starting point on time and undamaged.

  • $40 – 10-15 minutes late
  • $55 – 15-20 minutes late
  • $70 – 20-25 minutes late
  • $85 – 25-30 minutes late
  • $200 – 30-60 minutes late
  • $250/hr – more than 60 minutes late