5 Major Party Fouls To Avoid On A Seattle Party Bike Tour

5 Major Party Fouls To Avoid On A Seattle Party Bike Tour

Don’t be the Doof that Kills the Party

Picture it now – Enjoying some much-needed Seattle sun with all your friends, looking forward to that cold and refreshing brew at the next stop – and then some goofball breaks a glass bottle on the bike. The party stops, and that ‘perfect afternoon’ vibe pops like a bubble. Don’t you wish your group knew about the rules of the road beforehand? Seattle party bike tours are all smiles until someone falls off the wagon…literally.  Here are some steps to take that make sure you have the best party possible with Cycle Saloon!

Alcohol On The Party Bike Is A No-No

It’s not our personal rule but we are sticking to it! Contrary to popular belief, drinking on the bike is the same as drinking in public and carries all the same consequences under the law if you’re busted for an open container. We definitely don’t want to be seen in the wrong for open containers, so hold off on the alcohol until we reach our awesome breweries!


Party With Your Favorite NON – Glass Drinks For The Saloon Pontoon!

Chalk it up to Maritime Law – the Saloon Pontoon is a totally different story! You are welcome to bring your favorite alcoholic beverages on our party boat tours, as long as they are not glass. So loosen up. Live a little. Raise a little hell. As long as that hell is raised with either a plastic bottle or a tin can.


You Can Have Decorations and Music – Just Make Sure they are Street-Appropriate!

Celebrating a birthday party or bachelorette weekend? You are more than welcome to decorate the bike to delight (or embarrass) the guest of honor, but we are still pedaling around on public streets! Just make sure that everything you use, you would use in front of your 12-year-old niece.  Same goes for music – if you wouldn’t play it in front of your grandmother, you shouldn’t play it on our bikes or boat!

Be Cool With Our Partner Breweries And Follow Their Rules

It may feel like you are the Queen (Or King) when walking into a brewery after pedaling with us, but you can’t ignore the rules of the awesome breweries we partner with. We know you’re riding an insanely fun pedal tavern high, but you still have to follow the laws of the land.  Treat our bar partners with respect and you can’t bring your drinks outside of the establishment (no matter how good they taste).


Don’t Be Late!

Coming to the tour or coming back from the tour! Since the CycleSaloon is powered by its passengers, you control the speed at which the tour progresses. For scheduling purposes, however, it is necessary that the tour end within 10 minutes of the scheduled return time. You could potentially be charged for being late, so set those watches 5 minutes fast and get ready to be punctual!


Drinking And Driving? Not On Our Watch

Surprise – it is very possible to get drunk on this tour! Don’t be the bonehead that tries to get behind a wheel after an afternoon of touring breweries or drinking on the water.  Find a DD, call an Uber, get your teleportation device ready to go – we don’t care, just don’t drive after the tour. We want you and everyone around you to stay uninjured happy upstanding citizens. Get home safe and sound after an awesome day of fun and friends!

Ready to take on a Seattle brewery tour or party boat tour? Join us on the streets or on the water!

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